At Final Touch, our technicians are trained to deal with the most challenging of engine repair. Whether its an import or domestic,


Knocking? Jerking? Stall?
Chances are you need a tune-up. Our technicians will complete a visual inspection of all ignition components and test for any faults. We then install a fresh pair of iridium plugs and other components (fuel filter, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and spark plug wires) where needed.

Filter Service

Your Filters serve to prevent foreign contamination of engine systems like the fuel and air intake manifolds. If the filter elements aren't cleaned nor replaced it can cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

Fuel System

Performing a fuel system service can extend the life your the fuel pump and injectors. Our technicians will replace any components (fuel pump, fuel filter, or fuel injectors) that are past its optimal operation. We then perform a chemical cleaning of your fuel system to remove any deposits that may have settled in your fuel system over time, which may reduce fuel flow and negatively increase system pressure.

Engine Cooling

The Radiator prevents your engine from overheating during normal operation, common issues with these systems are radiator leaks, water pump failure, failed thermostats or fans, and obstructions in fluid lines. Final Touch can repair leaks, flush your system from contamination or replace your radiator.

Engine rebuild

Engine rebuilding is cheaper than a full engine replacement, we replace all parts that have “wear” on them with new items. This includes valves, pistons, bearings, seals, O-Rings, rubber or plastic parts, and gaskets.

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