When a frame of a vehicle is in an accident the frame goes through various stresses that cause the metal to deteriorate past the original manufacturer's safety requirements, this damage is normally looked past as this damage goes beyond the naked eye. Frame repair is a critical area and must be repaired using the proper tools and welding techniques,


We have all State of the Art Frame Straightening equipment including our top of the line Car-O- Liner with all new Computerized measuring system. It is important to have the best equipment to get the exact measurements of your vehicle and to straighten anything out of measurement.


Final Touch has certified Aluminum welders on staff at all times. We are a fully license and certified Aluminum Welding facility. It is important to have these certifications and the proper facilities because when welding aluminum it is very important not to contaminate the material, trained and certified.


When welding steel it is important to have the right equipment to support the welds made. Final touch as all the right welding equipment necessary to make the welds on your vehicle.

I Car Gold Glass Certification
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