We use the state of the art Spies Hecker paint matching system and its digital color-measuring device which mixes a series of paints in certain amounts in order to match the paint for the product rather it may be OEM or not.

Our experienced Paint Team will make sure to match the paint on any vehicle with our State of the Art spray booth and our top of the line Paint. We strive to make our customers completely satisfied with the paint matching done on the vehicle. With our State of the Art Facility, we guarantee our work for life.

  • Clear Coats
  • Base Coats
  • Top Coats
  • Primers
  • Surfacers
  • Reducers


To ensure the proper paint job we take these following steps:

  • Repair of Dents and Scratches
  • Proper Surface Preparation
  • Seal The Old Paint (Ensures even coats of paint)
  • Main Paint
  • Clear Coat


Because of the high solvent emissions of normal paints, we have environmentally friendly paint available with superior covering characteristics, exceptional color match, low odor as well as fast drying times.

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